A Message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,


All of us are finding ourselves in an unexpected time. Very few of us would have predicted during our New Year’s Eve celebrations that 2020 would deliver so many fundamental changes in our daily circumstances. Yet, here we are dealing with the sadness that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to each one of us. For some, it is lost employment. For others, cancellation of major life events. Still others are facing the hardship of loneliness, financial worries, and sickness. And worst of all are the uncertain potential or the real loss of family and friends and the grief that brings forth.


Everyone at The Avenue has been affected in some way. As an organization, we have had to suspend the services of our Adult Day Service Divisions and say a temporary goodbye to our beloved clients and team members as home isolation regulations took effect. Three of our Divisions provide essential services that cannot be suspended. That has meant following a whole new set of rules to assure delivery of services safely. Offices are closed, in-person meetings are cancelled, and the financial toll to the organization, like for many individuals, is very significant and painful.


Through all of this turmoil, The Avenue’s Board of Directors and Management Team is focused on the safety of our clients, team members, volunteers, donors and friends. We continue our best efforts of providing empowerment, support and advocacy for individuals at risk. Our operational motto of “Strong Families – Safe Homes – Since 1891” drives us forward to travel down avenues we never thought we would see, including the search for funding to assure our infrastructure remains stable and sustainable.


Through this difficult time, we are seeing individuals, families and communities coming together for the common good that was thought impossible just a few short months ago. These actions are a reminder that Americans are a resilient people and a nation that has faith and hope in the promise of the future. That is a gift and it will carry us forward just as it did for our ancestors when they faced devastating wars, epidemics and economic downturns.


In the end, we are all in this together and The Avenue will do its part to help us all rise out of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are still here. We can still help through our Division services. Call on us if you need our hand, even if you just need a friendly voice to hear. Our best wishes to all until we see you again soon.




Joseph K. Goepfrich, CFRE

Executive Director

The Avenue

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